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  • A Better Life
    A Better Life
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    Too many people suffer needlessly because of how complicated (and expensive) healthcare & long-term care has become, and because they simply don’t understand “How To” effectively navigate through it.
    Welcome to the Podcast for A Better Life! The show where you’ll learn all about the people, places, and things that are available to ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Age Safe Live Well
    Age Safe Live Well
    Categoria: Salute e benessere
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    Approximately one-third of adults age 65 years or older fall in their home each year, resulting in injury, long-term disability and premature institutionalization. Age Safe America was created in an effort to help reduce and prevent falls and their associated costs by promoting the necessity of making preparations NOW to ensure ongoing ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Aging GayFully
    Aging GayFully
    Categoria: Salute e benessere
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  • Answers 4 Caregivers
  • Beyond Driving with Dignity
    Are you worried about an aging loved-one's safe driving abilities? Do you think mom's driving skills might be slipping as a result of the natural aging process? Does dad's driving cause you to worry? Are your children afraid to get in the car with grandma? Then you've come to the right place! The Beyond Driving ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Bluetiful Leaders Podcast
    Bluetiful Leaders Podcast
    Categoria: Economia
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    Everyone has the potential to be a "Kindness Leader" leader. Everyone has the potential to leave footprints on their heart or the heart of another. It is simply choosing to do a kind act to make a challenge or loss into something “bluetiful”.

    Why do I use the word "bluetiful" in lieu of “beautiful”? Well, I ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Care Radio
    Care Radio
    Categoria: Salute e benessere
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    Caregiving is hard, exhausting and unscripted.

    Join Tami on the journey of spontaneous conversations about care and caregiving as she invites guests to speak from the heart on concealed topics.

    In search of authenticity, the topics of conversation are not revealed until air time, creating candid moments of dialogue and ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Culture Change In A Box
    Culture Change In A Box
    Categoria: Economia
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    Featuring Key Note Speaker and President of LifeWork Systems Judy Ryan, Culture Change In A Box is a show that takes you on a compelling deep dive into an effective real-time, work-place culture change so that you can feel hopeful and be energize about your business.
  • Happy Healthy Caregiver
    Caring for aging parents or other loved ones while working, raising children, and trying to live your own life? Wondering how to find the time for your personal health & happiness? Welcome to the Happy Healthy Caregiver podcast. The show where real family caregivers share how to be happy and healthy while caring for others.

    Host ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Healing Ties
    Healing Ties
    Categoria: Salute e benessere
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    Author of "What's The Deal With Caregiving" and featured in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize nominated caregiving story, affectionately known as The Bow Tie Guy, Chris MacLellan brings his soothing style and personal caregiving experience to Healing Ties on the Whole Care Network. With special guest from across the globe, Chris ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Hospital Warrior: Advocates and Experts
    Bonnie Friedman is a passionate crusader for getting the best hospital care for your loved ones.
    Hospital Warrior: Advocates and Experts is the show for and about health care advocates. Tune in and listen to the voices of experience talk about the issues that advocates want and need to hear.
  • Insights In Safe Spaces
    Insights In Safe Spaces is a judgment-free zone where we explore what's behind our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Dr. Olson believes that aging offers new opportunities we've never had before. A Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and an Exemplary Psychiatrist designation from the National ... Maggiori informazioni
  • It Takes A Team To Care
    As our population continues to age demands for services rise, while healthcare budgets are shrinking. REUNIONCare emerged from the unmet needs caregivers face because It Takes A Team To Care!
  • Love A Senior Day Podcast
    WHAT IF we could begin to get families talking? WHAT IF, we could get seniors to stop waiting for the pandemonium and plan or at least think ahead about what they might want, or even what they don’t want. Hey, let’s get Financial Advisors and elder care attorneys to talk to their clients and their communities about this subject and be ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Love NOT Fear Podcast
    Love Not Fear is a community of people that want to find ways to grow our ability to choose love over fear in everyday situations and provide an environment to help others see the joy that can come from choosing love over fear. We countering the culture of fear, with love!
  • Make Money With Presentations
    Make Money With Presentations
    Categoria: Economia
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    Whatever your line of work, you can make more money when you give better presentations.

    MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS is a podcast dedicated to helping you to (a) give better presentations, and (b) make more money (be more successful). Each time I interview successful business owners or professionals who have used ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Peace with Dementia Podcast
    Peace with Dementia is a podcast for persons living with dementia and their care partners, focusing on practical tips and exploring current research. Matt encourages listeners to share what they hear on the show with their medical team and collaborate on care strategies. Together, we can create “Peace with Dementia.”
  • Prepare To Care with Jane Barton
    Caregiving is a universal concern. We will all serve as caregivers numerous times over the course of a life time. Sooner or later, you will be called upon to care for a loved one. Ultimately, you, too, will need additional care. Are you prepared to provide care? To receive care? These are important questions to consider before the ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Prevention Is The Cure
    Your Host: Tania Schnuppe

    Looking for solutions other than medications? Or perhaps you want to do extra to just what your doctor is offering.? Have you heard the saying ”Let Food be Thy Medicine”?

    Welcome to the Ultimate Health “Prevention is the Cure” podcast. The show with the ”No-Nonsense” approach to health & wellbeing. We ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Real Men
    Real Men
    Categoria: Salute e benessere
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    Real Men is a podcast on a mission to inspire the world to reconsider what men are capable of. Ordinary guys with extraordinary stories. Stories of boldly facing the challenge of caring for their loved one with cancer. These guys are "the experts" not because of fancy titles or academic degrees, but because they've been ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Songs For The Caregiver Soul
    Barbara McAfee is a voice coach, singer/songwriter, keynoter, and author who merges lessons from 12 years in organization development with the transformative power of sound. Barbara's music soothes the soul with thought provocative lyrics written from real-life experiences.
  • SparkCast
    Categoria: Cultura e società
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    Sparking real conversations with featured guest from around the globe, Co-Host Tami Neumann and Chris MacLellan take listeners on an exciting journey with open dialogue and frank discussions on real-life issues that impact our daily life. On SparkCast, you are the LimeLight!
  • Straight Forward Real Estate
    Straight Forward Real Estate
    Categoria: Economia
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    Buying and selling real estate isn’t rocket science. Unless you’re a licensed real estate agent, real estate attorney, or a seasoned investor, there’s something to be gained by listening to Straight Forward Real Estate with the ONLY Real Estate Agent who is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® in the State of Missouri. Sit back, grab a ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The 2127 Podcast
    The 2127 Podcast
    Categoria: Salute e benessere
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    The 2127 podcast is named after my son's intensive care room which was the place where in 2015 all things shifted for our family after he suffered a severe brain injury from the West Nile Virus and Lyme's Disease. On the 2127 Podcast we'll talk about the triple threat of Brain injury, West Nile and Lyme disease while ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Caregiver Lawyer
    The Caregiver Lawyer
    Categoria: Economia
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    Through a series of conversations with Amanda Singleton, The Caregiver Lawyer, Candid Conversations About Care tackles some of the most difficult challenges caregivers face today. With several subject matter experts, Candid Conversations About Care speaks openly about caregivers financial and legal struggles, and how to plan for and ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Family Caregiver
    Most people are surprised to learn that nearly 20% of the US population consists of people who provide care to a sick, elderly or disabled loved one. These people are called family caregivers and there are approximately 60 million of them in the US today.
    The Family Caregiver Podcast team believes that family caregivers are real life ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Palace Gardens Senior Living Network
    Located in beautiful Homestead, Florida The Palace Gardens provides an intimate atmosphere geared to meeting residents needs – both physical and social. The Palace Gardens Senior Living Podcast Network explores the features and benefits of The Palace Gardens in order for consumers to have all the information they need to make an ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Unique Needs of the Older Caregiver
    Joy Loverde is a leading consultant in the senior industry and a trusted advisor in aging and eldercare-related issues. The author of The Complete Eldercare Planner and Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old, Joy's work has been featured on Today, the CBS Early Show, NPR, and in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Joy's ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Toula's Tips For Caregivers
    Toula Wootan is a nationally recognized caregiver advocate and host of Toula's Tips For Caregivers. Through her own personal caregiving experience, Toula's show and soothing style provides comfort, care, and sound advice to every caregiver and their families. Guests include national caregiving experts and caregiving celebrities ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Travel 4357
    Travel 4357
    Categoria: Cultura e società
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  • Unscripted: Life Improvised
    Unscripted: Life Improvised
    Categoria: News
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    Join host Tami Neumann in unscripted conversation with guests as they talk openly about life's challenges, surprises and joys and how they improvised their way through!
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